Week 3 School At Home

This week we worked on the letters I & L. If you are wondering why I’m going in such a random order, the reason is I’m introducing Kiley to the letters in her name so she is familiar with them. And also, to get her to recognize letters in her name. For example, I asked her who had the letter I in their name and the letter L and she was able to tell me she had both!  She can already spell her name(for the most part) she likes to add a, p and e in her first name, which isn’t there, but at least she gets the other letters right!

On Monday, we learned the letter I and the sounds it makes. A little tricky at this point for a 3-year-old to learn that vowels make two sounds, so we just stuck with learning the long sound. We made ice cream cones for the letter I, using markers to color white paper and then I cut brown construction paper to make the cone, and we glued it all together! I forgot to get a picture of our finished product. We also learned the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill.


On Tuesday, we played a letter hunt game.  Which I dumped a bag of uncooked rice into a bowl and letters and mixed them up. Then I took a piece of paper and wrote the alphabet on it.  Once Kiley found a letter from the bowl she had to find the letter also on the paper and match it.


On Wednesday, we learned the letter L and it’s sound. We painted our hands and feet and made a lobster!


On Thursday, we played an ice cream match and count game, that I printed from the Measured Mom.

picstitch (1)Friday, we read the book Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert, since the leaves are all changing and then we made our own fall picture. We painted with q-tips and made a fall inspired tree! For this, I would suggest cutting out the tree before hand and gluing it on before you allow the children to paint.

picstitch (3)


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